5 Reasons you need a digital marketing strategy

5 Reasons you need a digital marketing strategy

If you're looking to implement a successful digital marketing campaign, you'll probably need a strategy.

As with most areas of business growth, guidelines, time frames and periodic measurable targets can help you stay on course. A digital marketing strategy can help provide planned and perfected guidance for your digital marketing team.

Whilst the reasons for needing a digital strategy are numerous and varied, in this blog we touch on 5 of the most important reasons.

Give you guidance amongst changing trends

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. You will need to keep your content strategy fluid even to keep up with changing trends. This is where your digital marketing strategy will come in useful. Having an established set of rules and goals you can continually refer back to will allow you to keep on top of trending topics without straying from your overall goals.

Ensuring brand voice is adhered to

What's your USP (Unique Selling Point) online? What allows your business to stand out from the crowd? Digital marketing, specifically social media, is the perfect platform for you to showcase your USP and brand identity.

Your digital marketing strategy will have allowed you to ascertain what encourages existing and new customers to engage with your brand - and stay customers.

It will allow you to optimise your content

Using analytics to review the performance of your website or social media is the perfect way to compare your goals with where you would ideally like to be with your campaign. A strategy will build regular testing into your programme, ensuring that continuous improvement is possible.

A successful strategy will benchmark your activity and pinpoint what goals you need to hit online. This will allow you measure what’s working and what isn't, and make the necessary changes. Again, regular reviews will be built into the system, as long as you have a document to refer back to.

Streamline your digital marketing avoiding duplication

With so many avenues of digital marketing to be considered at any one time, a digital marketing strategy that multiple people can refer back to will help each element complement the other.

This will also minimise waste expenditure. Duplication is a common occurrence where different parts within your marketing department can be purchasing different tools, using other agencies all for performing similar tasks to one another. A digital marketing strategy makes sure everyone has a defined role and is pulling in the same direction.

Clarify and monetise the relationship between online market and customer

For a successful marketing campaign in any form you need to know your audience. With digital marketing you need to identify and understand who your audience is, and where they spend their time online. Digital is one of the most measurable mediums for a business. Be sure to utilise feedback and native analytics and compare to your strategy at each stage. See who your primary audience is. They are the people you should be targeting with your tailored content.

Writing a strategy does not need to be complicated. Create a fairly simple document describing your goals, tactics and KPIs. That alone will make an enormous difference to your online performance, and you can build a more comprehensive document later down the line. If you'd like the experts at Bigg to do it for you, that's fine too. Contact us today.


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