5 ways to switch up your social campaign

5 ways to switch up your social campaign

Whether you’re running the social media accounts for your business, your personal brand or you’re a digital marketer, you’ll need to keep your content fresh and interesting. The world of social media moves so fast you can’t just keep doing the same thing you’ve always done and expect it to keep working.

You can be managing a spotless campaign, which, on paper, should be raking in likes, followers and leads. However, in actuality it’s just not getting the engagement is deserves. We’ve put together a few suggestions of how you can make a few little changes every so often and avoid your social going stale.

1. Guest spots

Put someone else in charge - even for a day. Does your business have one particularly vocal or active team member? Get them on board as the voice of your social media for a change. Make it a big, exciting announcement and you could even get a #Hashtag involved. Changing the perspective of your social voice for a little while can give your audience some new content to get their teeth into. Whilst you should probably make sure whoever you’re handing your social media to knows the basics or social media etiquette, it can be interesting to get a different point of view.

2. Alternate platforms

If you’ve always sworn by the ‘holy trinity’ of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn why not push the boat out - get Instagram or Snapchat. Explore! Social media is fun. It can be a chance to show the personality of your company that more traditional promotion doesn’t let you embrace. Do a bit of research on the pros and cons of each platform before you set out - just to make sure there aren’t any social media faux pas along the way.

3. Make the most of the platforms you’re on

When was the last time you set up a Facebook event? Or a group? Remember Twitter lists? Yep, they’re still a thing. Make sure you re-share relevant content on Instagram - There are apps for that. Social media platforms are huge, powerful pieces of marketing equipment, and if you use them right you can create a massive variety of content for your audience to explore.

4. Perfect those images

Social media in 2017 has never been more visually orientated. Most people have almost round-the-clock access to a decent camera on their smartphone, so if your images aren’t up to scratch they’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Free online resources such as www.canva.com can help you to branded images quickly as well as creating beautiful, professional looking text images from scratch.

5. Vary your content

If your previous content has felt a bit link heavy, or reliant solely on photos, why not think about posting a video or two. Have you tried making any infographics? There are plenty of templates out there for free and that way you can share your business’s expertise in a visual and engaging way. Why not post a Twitter or Facebook poll? That could be the call to action your passive audience was waiting for.


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