8 Reasons why Twitter is good for Your Business

8 Reasons why Twitter is good for Your Business

A few mere months ago you wouldn’t have been criticised for thinking that Twitter was on the way out - especially for new or smaller businesses. The social network has seen some rocky months with the network coming under some heavy fire about practices and also user growth appearing to plateau.

However, this was far from the little blue bird’s swansong. Twitter recently rolled out its 280 character limit across the board. Whilst purists of the network weren’t sure how to feel about this drastic change, it has catapulted Twitter back into the spotlight.

As activity for both businesses and personal accounts kicks back up, is now the time to focus your energy on this new, improved social network? We’ve put together a few reasons why Twitter could be the perfect partner for your business:

1. Connect directly with customers

One element that sets Twitter apart from other social media networks is that - without the implementation of advertising - you can find and connect with your audience. Via the use of hashtags, advanced searching and keywords you can join the conversations your target market are having.

2. Brand awareness

By putting tailored and branded content in front of people, you can grow brand awareness where it counts. Be sure to provide value through what you share so that people will want to follow you. Use this platform to engage your target audience.

3. Drive website visits

Easy link sharing means that Twitter is the perfect place to promote a discount code, giveaway, or new product launch. This is about making a big deal of company news - why not make a hashtag to go alongside a product launch or end of season sale?

4. Monitor the competition

All the same functions that make monitoring your audience possible can also be used to stalk your competitors. Learn what works for them, and what doesn’t. Stay ahead of the curve and at the forefront of industry discussion.

5. Quick, real time updates

One of the main attractions of Twitter is the instantaneous nature of tweeting. Twitter is often hours ahead of main news sites when it comes to breaking news. People are able to have real-time conversations, discussions and - all too often - arguments. For your business this can mean that a company event, such as open day event, can be live tweeted with images and videos being shared instantly to your followers.

6. Customer support services

Leading on from the previous point, the instantaneousness of Twitter means that you can implement a customer services element to your social management and help customers in real time. This can help stop minor complaints getting out of hand as well as providing you with opportunities to up-sell appropriate services and keep loyal customers.

7. Multi media sharing

Thanks to Twitter’s gif keyboard, you can access all your favourite reaction gifs at the click of a mouse, allowing you to add some personality to your brand!

8. 280 characters

Oh yeah, did we mention? You can now tweet up to 280 characters. No big deal.

The key to the success of your brand’s Twitter account is to only use the platform if you can be patient, stick with it and be consistent! Or, you can always get us to do it for you. Contact the social media experts at Bigg today.


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