Bigg investigates - What is a micro-influencer?

Bigg investigates - What is a micro-influencer?

In recent times, we've seen people lose faith in major social media influencers.

Reality TV stars such as the Kardashians and Love Island contestants are willing to promote any product for the right price - as the general public are increasingly aware of this they're becoming less and less inclined to trust the sponsored posts and recommendations from these social media heavyweights. Instead they're turning to micro-influencers… Micro-influencers can have anywhere from 2000 to 50,000 followers on a particular social media channel and they’re usually focused on a specific passion, topic or niche market.

Trust the experts

It’s important to bear the saying 'jack of all trades, master of none' in mind when considering influencers for your brand. Whether it’s fitness, fashion, cooking or interior design micro-influencers tend to specialise in one particular subject. They're experts in their chosen field and that's why their followers trust them.

The real deal

In the new world we live in, where fake news, scripted reality and sponsored posts are the norm...authenticity is everything for consumers. Your customers aren’t stupid. They're fully aware that the reality stars who fill our feeds probably don’t drink weight loss tea or simply love that particular conditioner. It's impossible for the social media juggernauts to know, love and support that many products. That' why social media users are turning to micro-influencers for their recommendations. They feel that they can put their faith (and their money) into the products and brands they choose to promote.

Something to talk about

The larger the following an influencer has, the lower their engagement rate tends to be. Micro-influencers audiences are engaged with their content and social media algorithms probably haven't started working against them yet.

Don't get left behind

Big brands have already spotted the micro-influencer trend and started making use of it for themselves. This year we saw Primark employ micro-influencers to attend festivals wearing their clothes - this enabled them to change the public's perspective of their brand. Yes Primark specialises in affordable clothes but look, they now sell fashionable, festival attire that looks cool!

Do you want to find out more about how micro-influencers and social media could promote your business? Get in touch with the experts! Bigg has helped hundreds of businesses grow through a targeted arsenal of digital marketing strategies.


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