Campaign spotlight - Innocent

Campaign spotlight - Innocent

We're cherry picking some of our favourite social media campaigns of all time and thinking about what we can learn from them.

Read on to discover what makes Innocent's social media campaign so fruitful and what it can teach us about our own marketing strategies.

Barrel of laughs

Innocent have enough confidence in their brand to focus on creating entertaining and humorous content rather than sales focused. They strike the perfect cord with their tweets and Facebook posts, they're light hearted and inoffensive while still being playful and often a little tongue in cheek. Bear this in mind when you're creating social media content. You shouldn't be afraid to have fun as the entertaining and engaging content will get the most interactions and therefore be the most effective for your business.

Quick response

Most companies are aware that they need to respond quickly and appropriately to customers who contact them via social media. However Innocent take this to the next level with their personal, friendly and conversational interaction with their customers. This level of response can be hard to maintain but it’s extremely effective. It builds a strong relationship with your customers that encourages brand loyalty and creates a positive public image for your business.

Finger on the pulse

Innocent ensure that their social media is bang on trend. They'll engage with current events as well as completely irrelevant events and awareness days. For example, on Penguin Awareness Day (January 20th, get it in your diaries) they posted 'There are no penguins in any of our drinks. And there never will be.' This technique pokes fun at the cliche social media posts from other brands that flood our feeds while still using trends to their advantage. This is great inspiration for your business' social media. We're always encouraged to hook on to trends but it's important to not lose sight of your brand's personality when you do so. Don't bother churning out the same cute cat picture for International Cat Day (8th August, miaow) as every other brand, take the opportunity to create something fun and unique that works for your business.

Is it time to shine a light on your business' social media? Get in touch with Bigg today! Our team of experts, combined with industry-first technology, deliver a powerful online marketing toolkit for businesses that's focused on zero wastage and maximum return for your business.


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