Can SEO make you money?

Can SEO make you money?

As more and more businesses focus their efforts on their internet marketing strategy, the question of whether or not SEO can make you money is one which crops up repeatedly. Unfortunately, like most questions within the ever-changing world of digital, it doesn’t have a concrete answer. Yes, SEO certainly has the potential to increase sales leads, but without a well-executed campaign your chances of good conversion rates are slim to none.

Are you targetting the right audience?

There are multiple factors which affect the success of your SEO campaign, but targeting the right audience is one of the most significant. Your website may be fantastic, with an accessible interface, engaging content, and optimised for a number of viewing devices, but it means very little if the people likely to purchase your product aren’t seeing it. Selecting a few long-tailed keywords, rather than a high quantity of vague keywords, will increase your visibility amongst those searching. Not only does this increase your chance of making a sale, but it’s also the first step in creating brand loyalty. So, when it comes to keywords, it’s quality over quantity.

Is your website converting traffic?

Depending on their key progress indicators (KPIs), successful conversions mean different things to different companies. For instance, for a business hoping to increase website sales, a conversion would be a website visitor becoming a paying customer.  A successful website must therefore advertise a clear call-to-action, encouraging visitors to buy, or at least register their interest in, the product or service your business is offering. If your website converts traffic effectively, your SEO campaign can make you money. If, however, you’re directing plenty of visitors to your website with few conversions, it’s time to reevaluate your landing pages.

How long are your visitors sticking around?

Conversions aren’t just the result of a clear call-to-action; a positive user experience will also play a huge role in the effectiveness of your SEO campaign. Put simply, if your website is easy to navigate and loads quickly, visitors are more likely to stay browsing for longer. This increases the chance of them trusting the website, making a purchase, and returning more than once. Your website should also be readily available on a range of devices, or you’re at risk of losing visitors. In the age of smartphones, good mobile optimisation is not only a bonus but a necessity. In effect, it doesn’t matter how good your SEO campaign is if it’s directing traffic to a rubbish website - a poor ROI will only cost you money.     

So, the question remains - can SEO make you money? It depends, but with a successful SEO strategy, you not only have the tools to drive traffic to your website, but also the potential to convert your visitors into actual paying customers.

Remember - if you’re ready to improve your SEO efforts, or you need help starting from scratch, you can always hire us at Bigg to help you out!  


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