Converting website visitors can be quite simple

Converting website visitors can be quite simple

When it comes to your business website there are a few key stats to consider.

Firstly you have LESS than 8 seconds to get your website visitors attention or to perform an action. After this time, they are leaving your site immediately. Secondly more than 90% of visitors to your website are not ready to buy...yet, and lastly a 1 second delay in the speed your website takes to load can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

Pretty surprising I'm sure you'll agree. So what can you do to give each visit to your website the best chance of converting into a lead or sale? Here are 5 easy, simple ways you can convert more clicks to customers

  1. Give your visitors a 'Chat Now' option - have a member of your team available to answer questions from visitors that have immediate queries about your business. A great way to engage people in real time without being intrusive

  2. Be clear with what you want your visitors to do - studies have shown that asking people to 'Get Started Today!' can double the chance of conversion than 'See Plans & Pricing'

  3. Change the colour of your call-to-action buttons - by simply changing the colour of a call-to-action from green to red can improve conversions by over 30%. If red doesn't fit with your website colour scheme then make sure your call-to-action button stands out from the rest of the page content

  4. Win the trust of your visitor - proudly display some positive, compelling testimonials from some of your clients on your service/ product pages. This will help validate your website visitors decision to buy from you. If you sell online, use security seals across your website (think 'secured by Paypal' type badges) to give your visitor peace of mind that their details are safe and secure

  5. Be mobile, be quick - with more Google searches now coming from mobile devices rather than desktop make sure your website is simple to navigate on a mobile. And by keeping your website nice and simple will mean it loads faster...the quicker your visitors can find their way around your site, the more chance they have of converting

As you can see, improving conversion rates on your website can be a simple process that doesn't cost the Earth. It is a far more expensive exercise to overlook this and lose potential customers in the process.


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