Digital Marketing - why organisation is key

Digital Marketing - why organisation is key

As there are so many branches to the digital marketing tree, and each one needs its own, individualised methods of upkeep, staying on top of a successful campaign can be tough.

One way to ensure that you are using your time and money in the best way is through strict organisation.

In this quick blog I aim to outline a few key points to keep in mind to maximise the success and influence of your brand’s digital campaigns.

Identify, research and plan

First things first, do your research. Who are the target market for your new campaign? Where do those people spend their time online? How can you put your brand, products and ideas in front of them in an appropriate and engaging way? There are plenty of resources out there for brands to find the answers to these important questions. ¹ Doing your research is an excellent way to minimise the risk of wasted time or money further down the line.

Workflow management

Take the time to set a plan for your campaign. What sort of timeframes will you be looking at? Where would you like the campaign to be in a week? A month? A year?

Set out key metrics you aim to measure at different points in your campaign. Of course, there will probably need to be a bit of wriggle room, but overall you can measure the success of your marketing periodically to see if you need to make adjustments.

With all forms of marketing, it’s crucial that your brand has one voice. It’s difficult to maintain a one-team, one-mind mentality if digital content organisation is always last on the list of priorities. Ensure that content isn’t an afterthought. Also, make sure channels of communication between different people working on the campaign are open and clear. There shouldn’t be any room for miscommunication within your team.

Keep track

This stage comes in two sections. Firstly, keeping track of the success of your campaign. By monitoring and documenting how many followers, viewers, click throughs, signs ups (or whatever your chosen key performance indicators may be) you will be able to keep track of the success of the work you’re doing. In turn this should allow you to make adjustments ahead of time, before any inappropriate campaigns become costly.

The second side of keeping track is to record of the work you’re putting into the campaign in-house. How many hours have you put in? If more than one person is involved in the campaign, what were the processes of handing over shared tasks? If everything is recorded then you will be able to identify areas of strength and areas of weakness that you will need to improve on.

Repeat and build upon success

By analysing your recorded efforts you will be able to repeat elements of workflow, content creation and implementation that have been successful. As well as adding to your success as you move forward.

Keep in mind, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel with every new element of your campaign. Adding, tweaking and rethinking existing ideas is a much easier method than starting from scratch - and it will cause your team a lot less stress.

All too much? Get us to do it for you.

If you would like to get your brand's digital marketing taken care of, get in contact with the Bigg team today.

¹ Check out this helpful Hubspot article for just a few of the audience research tools available


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