Don't let Adwords ROI be a tightrope walk

Don't let Adwords ROI be a tightrope walk

Adwords can be one of the best ways on the web to launch an advertising campaign and see instant return on investment. That said, it can also be the fastest way to spend a ton of money and leave yourself wondering how it all went wrong.

All too often I hear the horror stories of people saying they lost a fortune to Google's advertising platform or that they considered the costs too high but what both these stories have in common is mismanagement. Adwords can work for just about all businesses that have an audience searching for a product or service they have to offer but it has to be managed correctly.

The main issue with Google Adwords is how easy it appears to get yourself up, running and in the search results, I mean, Google will even let you just pop in your website address and suggest everything you should be doing, the keywords you should be targeting, the budget you should allocate and even on what platforms your advert should be shown. If it were that easy why are there hundreds of pages of course material?

As with any form of advertising online you have to be specific about what you are doing, who you are targeting and what you are hoping to gain. It's no good having a store that sells shoes and sending people looking for shoes to your home page. A more accurate way to run a campaign would be to advertise just blue shoes and:

  • Create a landing page on your website for all your blue shoes
  • Create 5 different adverts with catchy headlines, e.g "Feeling Blue about your shoes?"
  • Target a small range of phrase-based keywords to test with
  • Create goals in Analytics and Adwords to track the success
  • Add negative keywords to avoid bad clicks

Now the Adwords professionals out there, the ones that spent hours and hours of training and becoming certified, will be going crazy that I've listed such a basic example but my point is that there's more to Adwords and making it really work for your business than setting a campaign live that Google helped you created and hoping for the best.

Would you trust a salesperson telling you it's best to spend more money? That's all Google is.

So, next time you hear from a Google Partner agency offering to manage your account in return for a fee, think twice before you put down the phone. These guys have gone through tons of training and passed Google exams to deliver a service that will probably end up paying for itself, not just by reducing costs but by improving results.

Agree or disagree, leave me a comment with your thoughts.


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