Gen Z - Marketing to the new kids on the block

Gen Z -  Marketing to the new kids on the block

Born after 1995, Gen Z are the new generation of customers who are 'digital natives' - in other words those who have grown up on internet and social media.

This generation include tech-savvy teenagers who, according to Snapchat are a "hugely influential group redefining social norms and brand relationships".

There are around 3 million more Gen Zers than Millennials and by 2020, Gen-Zers are expected to account for 40% of all consumers. If brands' want to get ahead of the curve, understanding this generation is key in making their future marketing a success.

So what do we know as marketers about this generation?

Gen-Zers are clearly very engaged on social media. They use a multitude of platforms to communicate, update and share information in short amounts of time. According to very recent research conducted in the U.S, teenagers chose to use Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube over Facebook and Twitter which are losing fans amongst this age group.

According to Forbes, different platforms are used for different activities - for example Instagram is used to "showcase their aspirational selves", whereas Twitter is used to get news and to share relatable information.

Here are our top tips for marketing to Generation Z:
1) Make access easy

Gen Z want to interact with businesses which are easily accessible, responsive and mobile friendly. As a nation engrossed in mobile activity, brands should take time to invest in their social media strategies- focusing on tailored content and forming opportunities for the audience to interact as much as possible.

2) User- generated content

Reviews and real life experiences count when Gen Z make purchases. According to Snapchat's research, Gen Z currently spend 19% of their time on social media and 18% streaming videos. Brands need to think about how they are promoting themselves in a way that is not only interactive but relatable to the audience.

3) Tailoring to platforms

If Gen-Zers use social platforms for different reasons, marketers should be looking at how they can use this to their advantage. Keeping the overall message the same but tailoring content to fit each platform is advantageous. For example, using video via Facebook and user generated content via Instagram.

Whatever the strategy, marketing to Generation Z should be attention grabbing and direct. Gen-Zers wants no fuss content which gets straight to the point so that they can move onto the next.

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