How to add personality to your copy and stand out from the crowd

How to add personality to your copy and stand out from the crowd

Every day your followers, clients and customers are bombarded with pages of blog posts, websites and emails from various businesses and organisations. It can be easy to feel like you’re getting lost in the crowd. How you can ensure that your copy is bursting with personality so that your customers take note and keep reading?

Seduce your reader

OK, we aren’t asking for your best chat-up lines here. But studies show that only 2 out of 10 visitors read past the headline of your blog. You’re still reading so our headline must’ve enticed you right? Seduce your reader so they scroll past the title and actually read your copy.

Keep your reader engaged

You’ve got them hooked so don’t let your reader space out now! Is your topic engaging and relevant for your audience? Are you adding value with your writing or just waffling? If you’re offering advice or instructions, are they clear and actionable?

Tell a great story

Stories engage readers, stimulate the brain and change how we act. The trick to storytelling is sharing the right story to pull readers in but keeping it succinct enough that they don’t lose interest. Draw on your own life experiences. Giving a peek into the everyday workings of your business makes visitors feel that they know you and builds their trust.

Act casual

This isn’t an exam. You should keep your spelling and grammar in check, but you don’t need to be formal. Sure, you’re running a business, but you’re also building a brand. People like brands that are personal and relatable.

Keep descriptive words to a minimum

There are few things more frustrating that reading content produced by a writer who can’t stop using adjectives. We’re very impressed by your vocabulary but we’re also very quickly losing interest in your content.

Match your content with persona

Your tone and content should match the persona of your brand. Your followers will come to expect a certain tone from you and if this doesn’t match across your platforms it will cause confusion. Consider how the content you create impacts your brand and how people perceive you. Always keep an eye on the bigger picture. To create the tone and personality of your copy and social media content you should consider three main elements:

  1. Your company culture
  2. Your audience
  3. Authenticity

Need a hand? We’re experts in creating engaging copy. Talk to Bigg today.


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