How to maintain the best relationship with your digital marketing agency

How to maintain the best relationship with your digital marketing agency

If your business is looking for an agency partner to work on your digital marketing, there’s more to it than just signing a contract and then letting the sales roll in.

We've put our heads together, looked back at some of our most memorable campaigns and outlined some common areas that helped them to gain success. Simply follow these rules and you’ll be able to maintain the best relationship with your digital marketing agency:

Set out goals

This is an important step to establish very early in the relationship. A good digital marketing agency will want to get your ideas of goals for your brand before you begin working together. Outlining measurable, quantifiable and - importantly - realistic goals will help you to make sure you’re both on the same page as well as being able to measure the success of the work being carried out.

This won't be a one way conversation you have with your chosen agency. They'll be able to provide you with a realistic idea of time frames, costs and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) results you can expect from the campaigns.

Regular, honest communication

As with any business partnership, it’s important that no one is left in the dark. Keeping in regular contact with your digital marketing agency of choice will allow you to keep a tab on the progress of their work, keep them ahead of the curve with company news, insights and events, and also allow them to tailor content and budget according to up-to-date company information.

Honesty is a big part of the communication of successful campaigns. If you're unhappy, or confused by some element of the service you're receiving - be clear about it. More often than not there’s a simple answer, but feeling unhappy about your digital marketing is not okay, after all - it is your business.


If a digital marketing company are going to be the voice of your brand, you need to trust them with the role. A good way to build this trust is by keeping the communication flowing. The more your digital marketing company knows you, and your brand, the more likely they are to produce accurate content and tone of voice. In turn, the more you will be able to trust them.

Face to face catch ups

Emails and phonecalls are a brilliant way to keep a constant flow of quick, simple communication running. However, setting up regular in-person meetings can avoid anything getting lost in translation. It will also help to ensure both you and your digital marketing team are on the same page with the work you're doing. Meeting face to face will also contribute to building your personal relationships

Product Testing

If your business is selling a product it's important your digital marketing company knows that product inside out. If you provide a service, perhaps from a high street location, it's a good idea that the digital marketing company are familiar with this. Why not invite them down to get a feel for the place? The most successful campaigns we have run at Bigg, have all been with clients we know back to front.

If you're looking to begin your digital marketing journey with a knowledgeable, professional and personable company, contact the experts at Bigg today.


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