I have a lot of followers on social media but not much engagement

I have a lot of followers on social media but not much engagement

What is engagement? It's interaction with your audience. It's people liking, commenting on and sharing your posts.

If you find that you have a lot of followers but very little engagement it might be time to step up your social media game! Think of it this way, if you were talking to a room full of people but no one was listening, responding or paying any attention you’d probably feel like there wasn't much point to you being there! So how can you get more people to pay attention to your social media and engage with it?


Who are your followers? Are they real? Are they relevant? Building an engaged audience is key to tapping into existing markets and creating new ones. Social media is also a a great way to maintain relationships with existing customers and grow a loyal fanbase! You should ensure that your social media is targeted at your business' target audience. If you're selling cars in Bristol you stand to gain very little from a large audience of 14 year olds living in France!


The reach of your audience is also very important. You might have a very large follower count but if a large proportion of your followers are spam accounts or inactive users your posts will have a very limited reach. If just a few of your followers are influential this will connect your social media to a larger group than your own and will amplify the reach and engagement of your posts.


Your content needs to be varied, interesting and engaging! This means your content should not be 100% sales focused! In fact experts advise that only 20% of your content should be focused on your brand! So what should the other 80% be? You should find, create and share interesting content with your followers that’s still relevant to your industry but isn't necessarily focused on your brand. By discovering what your audience is really interested in and responding to this, your brand will be able to maintain a consistent, sustainable and engaging online presence.


Timing is crucial when it comes to social media engagement! You should spend some time researching the times that work best for your content and your audience to find the best times for engagement. Platforms such as Twitter are more active the business day. But platforms such as Instagram see much more activity in the evenings when users have finished work and can browse freely. It might seem like a minefield but you can use metrics to easily find out what times work best for you.

Follow our advice to increase your engagement and let us know what works for you! Ready, steady, engage!


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