Instagram's best campaigns of 2019

Instagram's best campaigns of 2019

This week, we at Bigg have welcomed 15-year old Harry, our first work experience intern, to learn all about life as a digital marketing extraordinaire. In between getting to know our resident office pup, Poppy, and showing us all up over games of foosball, Harry’s written some pretty brilliant blogs. Here he shares his insight into Instagram’s best campaigns of 2019 and what’s made them so successful:

Instagram's best campaigns of 2019

Instagram is the 6th most popular media app, meaning the app rakes in 500 million daily active viewers and a billion monthly active viewers. What distances Instagram from other media sites is that the primary form of content is visual, instead of the status updates Facebook has adopted. This means that businesses and campaigns can utilise the visual promotion for growth. Focusing on the campaigns, let's take a look at some of the best and most successful to take place this year.


This hashtag was created by MotherCare with the goal of spreading awareness about a real issue mothers face after childbirth. As expressed by plenty of Twitter users, mothers are put under immense pressure to get back in shape after giving birth. This movement helped a lot of mothers feel comfortable with their body, with over 1000 of them posting pictures of their post-childbirth bodies under the hashtag.

This campaign was successful because it was not for MotherCare's own benefit - it was for the benefit of those who felt supported by it. This selfless act focused on the real-life stories, instead of fabrications, making the whole thing much more relatable.

World Record Egg

If this wasn’t in the list I would be doing my job wrong. An account called 'world_record_egg' posted a picture of a normal chicken egg, with the caption ‘let's get the most liked picture on Instagram'. To say the account achieved its goal would be an understatement. The picture ended up getting triple the likes, levelling out at around 54 million likes, with the previous record being held by Kylie Jenner at 18 million.

This all sounds great, but doesn't sound like much of a campaign, and more of a self-promotion. Well, after a few months, it was revealed that the egg was cracking, with more cracks appearing in each photo that was posted. By the end of it, the whole 'world record' aspect was really an awakening to how some can crack under the pressure of social media. The last post told its audience about mental health awareness, which rounds off the egg saga nicely.

TheGoodAdviceCupcake Valentines Day campaign

TheGoodAdviceCupcake posted a video detailing how you should love the one that's been there for you, always. Of course, the end result was pizza, but the message still remains. In my opinion, it raises awareness to how we should perceive love, and how the people who have been there since day one are better suited than someone you don't really know but find mildly attractive. The video also tells us that posting for fun always works, and that being too salesy can sometimes be a bad thing.


Instagram's best campaigns of 2019

This week, we at Bigg have welcomed 15-year old Harry, our first work experience intern, to learn all...

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