I've got a website now so why aren't I selling anything?

I've got a website now so why aren't I selling anything?

Build it and they will come... wrong! In today's world, with so many options and distractions this just doesn't stand up, it's just a shame that nobody is telling the thousands of new website owners.

All too often I hear of people pouring large budgets into really nice websites, or even spending their last £500 on a cheaper option and then wondering why they're not getting any visitors, enquiries or sales. Just because you have a website doesn't mean people will find it, it also doesn't mean that Google will list you and start sending you thousands of people wanting to spend money.

Marketing is a specialist subject, yes there are absolutely things you can do yourself depending on your business. If you're looking to target a local area, perhaps your village or town, then you can get on social media or even do a leaflet drop, but if your ambition os greater then don't expect it to just happen.

If you really want to make your new idea for a website successful then put some thought into your route to market before you even get started. Make sure you have USP's that will separate your business from the competition, basically just make sure you have a plan and don't expect it to just happen for you. If you already have a website and forgot about marketing budgets then you're going to have to get off your backside and work hard. Here are a few tips to get you start.

  • Do you have any friends in marketing roles
  • Can you get an introduction from a friend of a friend
  • Buy yourself a book but check it has good reviews
  • There are Dummies guides for every, check them out
  • Try something, check the results and then try something else
  • Use your friends through social media for referral sales
  • Offer something free in return for a review

There are tons of things you can do yourself but nothing will work better than using a marketing agency that's been there, seen it, done it before. Don't think simply having a website is enough tyo quit your job and please stop blaming the person that built your website it's not getting sales.


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