June Bigg 5

June Bigg 5

June is here and from the looks of it the hot weather is here to stay! While we're busy turning the air conditioning up to high, check out our June Bigg 5! These are our favourite things from this month.

1. Marketing - Aldi

We've been long impressed with Aldi's digital marketing campaign, and thought it was about time we picked them for one of our favourites of the month. We're a huge fan of their current World Cup themed strategy, showcasing products from different countries facing off against each other alongside the matches. Aldi's social accounts are a great example of how to do social media right. Blending humour, sales promotions and responsive customer service, Aldi is our number 1 pick!


2. Movies - Ocean's 8

We love a bit of girl power at Bigg HQ! With this stellar line-up and amazing fashion moments, Ocean's 8 is a fun, feisty summer blockbuster. Special shout out goes to Anne Hathaway who is gorgeously cast as a vain socialite and the film’s mark, Daphne Kluger.


3. Moments - World Cup

Football amirite lads? The World Cup is here and we’re getting into the spirit of it. From screening the matches here at Bigg HQ and all taking part in our Bigg sweepstake, we're all excited to see if football really IS coming home.


4. Media - Love Island

We'd be lying if we said that we didn't spend a good portion of our mornings dissecting the drama that happened on Love Island the night before. It may seem like Love Island is exactly what it looks like, a dozen or so vapid beautiful people swanning about in bikinis, but in reality it's so much more than that. There's something universal in watching other people's quest for love (or Instagram tooth whitening ads) and we can't get enough of this perfect anthropological experiment!


5. Milestones - New members for Team Bigg

We've been lucky enough to have not one, but two new members join us here at Team Bigg! We're all very glad to have Adam and Nick join us here and look forward to all the fun times ahead!


As always, our favourite thing to do is grow businesses through results driven, digital marketing solutions. Our team of experts, combined with industry-first technology, deliver a powerful online marketing toolkit for businesses that are focused on zero wastage and maximum return. To find out more contact Bigg today!


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