Knowing which is the best marketing channel for your business

Knowing which is the best marketing channel for your business

It's that time again, a new campaign for your business is in the works.

Maybe you have a new product launching, or your company is undergoing a rebrand. Perhaps you just want to get your business more recognition. The mechanics of the launch are in place, the timeline is set, now is when you need to really pin down the marketing channels your business will be utilising.

By following these steps, you'll be sure to choose the best marketing channel for your business:

Think about the needs of your business

What are the KPIs for this campaign? Is it about maximising the audience reach? This can often be the case for rebranding as it's less reliant on getting orders rolling in straight away, and more focussed on allowing your brand to be more widely recognised.

Is it a special offer that you're running from an ecommerce site? If this is the case then you want to select a marketing option that allows quick conversions with minimal stages between a lead seeing your advert and the checkout of your online store.

Think also about your budget, timescale and the return on investment (ROI) you require from this campaign.

Identify the habits of your audience

Who are you targeting? Think about whether there is an age group, geographic location or gender that you would like to be marketing to. Is your business specifically aiming business owners, university students or new parents? All of these consumer groups will have different purchasing habits. Think of the 'typical' client or customer you'd expect to be benefitting from your product or service. Think of how you can advertise to them in a way that is agreeable, appropriate and effective.

The key here is to capitalise on where and when your potential customers will be making purchasing decisions. You want your brand to be in front of them, providing a solution, as they are faced with a problem.

List the pros and cons of the platforms/ channels available to you

With all of your potential marketing platforms, think about:

  • Cost - Is it within your budget? Will it be worth the financial investment?
  • Immediacy - For shorter campaigns you will need immediate results. Some channels won't be able to cater for this.
  • Relationship between business and audience - Is it appropriately formal/ informal to suit your brand's tone of voice? Is it appropriate for your product?
  • Where does this marketing channel fit into the consumer journey? If you're selling something exclusively in a local store then a national radio campaign will be a waste of money, but a social media advert with an online-only discount code could be a roaring success.
  • If you're choosing multiple channels, do the channels work together?
  • Tracking and metrics - How much control do you have over analytics?
  • Length of contract - If the analytics are showing you bad results, how flexible is this marketing platform for you to make changes?
Email marketing
  • Pro - Allows you to contact an existing list of leads in a visual way, the execution of which you have almost complete control.
  • Con - Can be relatively technical to get right and a badly managed campaign will lead to a high percentage of "unsubscribers"
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Pro - Will put your brand in front of hundreds of potential clients with every relevant online search they carry out.
  • Con - Even the best conducted SEO campaigns are rarely instant. This tends to be a more long-term marketing solution.
Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Pro - Allows your business to appear at the top of relevant internet searches.
  • Con - Due to the nature of 'bidding for keywords' successful PPC can be labour intensive to maintain.
Social Media
  • Pro - Allows you to instantly connect with your audience, showing them professional, polished adverts as well as friendly "behind the scenes" engaging content.
  • Con - Can be unsuitable for some brands. Whilst social media is continuing to grow, it could still be considered inappropriate for some industries.

If you'd like to talk to the Bigg experts about the different digital marketing channels available for your business, and how we can make them work best for you, get in touch today.


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