The Love Island Effect - Why their campaign is 100% our type on paper

The Love Island Effect - Why their campaign is 100% our type on paper

Love Island has been kicking up a storm over the past few weeks since airing its fourth season on ITV2.

Everyone is talking about the latest dumping, recoupling and drama on the internet, and social media is exploding with hashtags and opinions.

Whether you're a LI lover or hater, there's no denying that they have their marketing strategy down to a T.

What can we learn from the Love Island Effect?

Build the hype

Love Island are great at building the drama and suspense by drip feeding the audience future episodes of a story that we are invested in. Each day, they update their social media feeds with 'first look' episodes at what is to come in the following episode. This stirs conversation and prompts their audience to talk about the episode prior to viewing.

How can you generate buzz around your brand?

Creating your own hashtag is a great way to connect to audiences interested in your sector.

LI have thousands of users interact with their hashtag, as well as via their interactive app, prompting the audience to interact as much as possible.

Understand your audience

Fast fashion brand, Missguided, have taken full advantage of Love Island's sponsorship opportunities by featuring all of their products on the female contestants- followed by a social media post showcasing their latest feature.

As Love Island's official sponsors, Superdrug saw an 900% increase in brand search terms last year, as well as 200,000 visits online after each episode. Pretty impressive.

These brands really know their audience and what they're into and have grasped onto what’s currently trending to identify and target their customers. Brands should stay relevant and look into what the audience is engaging with, beyond purchases.


With 771,000 followers on Twitter, Love Island has their social media strategy sussed. One thing they do best is engage with the audience. Their witty captions and tell-tale previews is what keeps the Love Island's social media in the spotlight. Thanks to Instagram's new updates, there are many new ways to up your social media game. The stories' poll feature allows people to rate their favourite answer, and the new product tagging button allows users to jump straight to the buying page.

Video Content

Of course, the Love Island campaign is never short of video content. As Facebook now prioritises video content, brands go straight to the top of their audience's feeds.

Love Island puts a variety of different medias to good use.

What brands can learn from this is that video content should not be overlooked. Creating engaging video content is key in a successful social media marketing strategy and a great way to let the audience know more about your business. Whether it's behind the scenes footage or vlog style videos- moving content is a notable way to let audiences see the real life behind the brand.

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