Millennials explain - What exactly is 'Fiat 500 Twitter'?

Millennials explain - What exactly is 'Fiat 500 Twitter'?

Hi, it's me, a millennial, here to explain some of the nonsense floating about in the social sphere.

When you work in marketing, you have to become au fait with all of the internet jargon. First and foremost that means knowing all about SEO (search engine optimisation), KPIs (key performance indicators) and ROI (return on investment) - etc (etcetera). However, it also means knowing what people are doing online, what they're talking about, and where they're talking about it.

After a lengthy conversation at Bigg HQ about 'Fiat 500 Twitter', we've decided to launch a new feature on our blog -'Millennials Explain'. Hopefully this will help clarify some of the less documented aspects of the internet.

Come on then, what is Fiat 500 Twitter?

In a very roundabout way, Fiat 500 twitter comes from the stereotype of people who might choose to drive the famously cutesy, small, colourful and compact hatchbacks.

The stereotype tends to be a relatively negative one, with lots of comparisons to being basic and overly dramatic. Although, the concept does remain quite light-hearted, inspiring such parody accounts as Fiat 500 Twittér. There was even a ‘male equivalent’ in the form of ‘Strongbow Dark Fruits Twitter

Why should we care?

One of the most crucial parts of marketing, both digital and offline, is audience research. Who is your target market? What do they spend their time doing? How can you engage with them in a meaningful way which, ultimately, leads to a greater awareness of your brand and then a higher number of sales?

If you're selling something that fits into the cutesy, small, colourful and compact product market, you’ll probably want to learn about this demographic in a way that allows you to connect with them. If you own a Chinese takeaway, why not use this stereotype to your advantage?

The world of social media has broken all rules of business to consumer interaction. If you've got the know-how and the creativity, why not target Fiat 500 Twitter? Use parodies as humour. When you're familiar with the world of social media, you can use it to the advantage of your business.


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