New Year, New You - 5 top digital marketing resolutions

New Year, New You - 5 top digital marketing resolutions

2018 is officially here and with the start of January comes the New Year's resolution. It's a chance to stop our bad habits and start new ones.

Will I stop biting my nails? Will I drink more water? Will I start going to the gym?

The one thing on our mind though is what resolutions will we be making to improve our digital marketing strategies.

Here are our top 5 digital marketing resolutions.

Make more video content

Video will rule 2018.

It's time to embrace video content, not only making more of it but making it better. Whether it be animated infographics, live video streams or cute pets doing silly things (no matter the year, these will always be popular), videos are a great way to engage with your audience.

Make Customer Relations a priority

Make sure you're replying to messages on your social media platforms. Keep your contact details updated. Be friendly and helpful when dealing with queries. None of these things are groundbreaking but it can be easy to forget to keep on top of things when you're stressed about the million other things you have on your plate. It's important to remember in 2018 that sometimes, a little good ol' fashioned customer service can go a long way to keeping your audience engaged.

Start thinking about Generation Z

Move aside millennials, there's a new generation on the scene! It's time to start thinking about how we're going to tailor content and strategy towards Gen Z. This new generation have grown up with an iPhone in hand so won’t be impressed by the same old content. They've seen it all and they're doing it themselves. Keeping things fresh, fun and utilising all the new features of social media platforms is vital to staying relevant.

Make things personal

In 2018 it's ok to keep content informal and spontaneous. Platforms like Snapchat, Instagram stories and Facebook Live are making companies think about shooting from the hip instead of taking weeks to create perfect content. Keeping turnaround time on content faster, or filming live content is a great way to keep your brand fresh, authentic and engage your audience.

Keep KPIs at the front of your mind

It can be easy to get lost in a sea of social media trends, but keeping your company's KPI in mind is vital to help you create a successful social strategy. Figure out what you're trying to achieve and make sure each of your posts are in line with your objectives. It's better to post fewer tailored pieces of content than loads of irrelevant stuff.

If you'd like help handling your social media, talk to Bigg today.


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