Our 5 favourite social campaigns of 2017

Our 5 favourite social campaigns of 2017

Our advent calendars are almost empty, New Year’s Eve is fast approaching and we're beginning to see 2018 at the end of this festive tunnel. As we prepare to ring in the new year, it's a time to reflect back on the past 12 months. Check out our list of social media campaigns that made us smile this year.

Dominos: Dom the Chatbot

Domino's new AI bot has only one purpose; to make it easier for us to order pizza. Now customers are able to order pizza through their Facebook messenger apps. Domino's has also followed this up by pairing with Amazon, so customers can now order pizza by just asking Alexa. Chatbots and AI are a huge trend for 2018 so congrats to Dominos for staying ahead of the game, while giving us another excuse to order in when you can’t be bothered to cook.


Worldwide Breast Cancer: #KnowYourLemons

This campaign wins points for using a cheeky sense of humour to get around Facebook' censoring guidelines while helping spread awareness for Breast Cancer symptoms. These infographics of lemons had a reach of 7.3million people in just 3 posts. Also including a click-through to their fundraising campaign and more information on Breast Cancer, this campaign gets top marks from us!


Sainsbury's: Snapchat Spectacles and #FoodDancing

Following on from their christmas karaoke snapchat lens last year, Sainsbury's relationship with Snapchat continues, being the first brand to shoot an advert with Snapchat Spectacles. The advert is shot from a 115 degree circular view, which gives viewers a first-person perspective of cooking Sainsbury's range of Autumn recipes. This coupled with their latest #fooddancing campaign, Sainsbury's is opening the door to a new generation of shoppers, it's clear the supermarket brand is committed to staying fresh.



Not all campaigns have to be commercial and this year one of the most influential campaigns of the year gave a voice to the millions of women around the world who had experienced sexual assault. This year we’ve had to endure more horrifying news stories than we could be expected to handle and the #metoo campaign has been a ray of hope. This campaign has sparked a global discussion and much media debate, but at its heart the campaign succeeds in making women feel like they are not alone. 10/10 from us.


Southern Rail: #AskEddie

A 15 year-old intern at Southern Rail made headlines this summer as he took control of the company's Twitter account. Eddie's sense of humour sparked a social media frenzy, answering a number of train and non-train related questions. Bringing spontaneity to a usually dull Twitter account, Eddie’s twitter antics managed to capture the imaginations of the public, and gave the wait for the heavily delayed trains a silver lining. While Eddie didn’t manage to make the trains run on time, but he did give a charming human face to a company suffering from a bad reputation.




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