Our top 4 social campaigns so far this year

Our top 4 social campaigns so far this year

We might only be a quarter of the way through 2017 but we’ve already spotted some great social campaigns!

End the Stigma
Prompted by the death of mental health advocate Carrie Fisher, the #EndTheStigma project was initially started by 28 year old Kat Selwyn Layton. She created a series of badges to be used on social media pages alongside #EndTheStigma with the intention of end the stigma surrounding mental illnesses and other neurodivergent conditions.

"Be proud of your accomplishments. Be proud of your fight. Be proud of your survival” Layton wrote on Facebook. These graphics are well designed, clear and eye-catching, perfect to be spread across various channels. We often see so many negative reports about the effect of social media, this campaign shows the power it has to do good! People who might be feeling alone or who might be hiding their illness from their friends and family can find comfort and solidarity online.

Spotify Playlists
Hiding our blushes we laughed at Spotify’s campaign in 2016 which used its listener data to poke fun at its users (like the 3,749 people who played ‘It’s the End of the World As We Know It’ on the day of the Brexit vote). This year they’re poking fun at our playlists! The campaign includes posters that mock users’ playlists including "I Don’t Know How to Make a Playlist” and “Peaceful Piano.” The campaign also includes three online videos featuring musicians who are confused as to why their songs have been featured on certain playlists

We love how Spotify have placed their users at the centre of this campaign and celebrated their quirks in a really funny way.

We See Equal
Proctor & Gamble debuted its latest digital campaign #WeSeeEqual just in time for International Women’s Day. It’s based around the idea that behaviors, emotions and activities we might tend to associate with girls or boys aren’t actually gendered at all, an obvious but important message.

The digital campaign that has been shared across various sites including Facebook, Instagram and Youtube includes a video featuring clips of men and women of various ages completing activities that might normally be associated with men or women but the gender has been flipped. For example, a pair of girls working on a science experiment and a dad changing his child’s nappy.

This campaign has managed to spread an important message in a clear, effective and emotive manner without making us feel that Proctor & Gamble are cashing in on a sensitive issue.

Santa Clarita Diet 

Have you heard about the latest fad the ‘Santa Clarita Diet?’ No? Maybe you have heard of the Netflix comedy-horror series bearing the same name? The show used a cheeky Instagram campaign roping in reality TV stars and popular fitness gurus to post their ‘best kept secret.’ The secret? Cannibalism… Strange as it may seem it was definitely an eye-catching way to advertise the new series starring Drew Barrymore as a real-estate agent with a craving for human flesh while poking fun at the ‘clean eating’ posts that fill our Instagram feeds!



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