Social Media Week 2018

Social Media Week 2018

Truth be told we're Bigg nerds when it comes to social media and all things digital marketing.

That's why we love Social Media Week Bristol! The annual Social Media Week event sees 25 cities all over the world play host to events, bringing together thought leaders and key players at the cutting edge of social media trends and facilitating collaboration with individuals, businesses and enterprises that have yet to realise the full potential of social media.

We're proud that the progressive, creative hub that is Bristol is one of the chosen cities (and the only UK city outside London to host a Social Media Week) to host such an exciting event! Chris Turling the Chair of Bristol Media said "Part of our mission is to connect and showcase members and this event went beyond expectations in achieving that. We are the only city outside London to have achieved delivering Social Media Week to date and we are proud of that." ¹

Despite the 'Beast from the East's' best efforts, this year's Social Media Week Bristol offered an array of impressive events from February 26th to March 2nd. Our top picks were 'Social data - measuring the immeasurable' and 'Find your customers with Facebook.' The former held in the fantastic venue of the Engine shed, offered a guide through the minefield of managing and measuring social media data, alongside integrating social data with other forms of marketing and ensuring your business is compliant with the GDPR (general data protection regulation). The latter hosted in the fabulous Bakesmiths, gave us valuable insight into maximising the potential of social media, including insight into Facebook’s precise targeting tools and geo-targeting. Other events included 'Fifty ways to build your Instagram community,' 'How to start a blog to promote your business' and 'The secrets of social selling.'

We'll be keeping an eye out for future events from Bristol Media!

To discover how Bigg can help your business unlock the full potential of social media and digital marketing get in touch today.



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