Spring Clean your Digital Marketing

Spring Clean your Digital Marketing

The clocks have gone forward, the Beast from the East has subsided (for now), and the daffodils have bloomed. It’s officially Spring!

Spring is a good time to dust off the winter cobwebs, put away your thermals and get organised for the rest of the year ahead.

You may have started out with some ambitious resolutions for your business in the New Year - but have you taken the time to check if you’re on track?

Giving your digital marketing strategy a spring clean is a great way to refresh your goals and get motivated for the rest of the year!

In our latest blog post, we give you 3 simple ways you can refresh your digital marketing strategy - let the cleanse commence!

1) Refresh your goals

Your goals may have changed from when you first set them at the start of the year. Take a look back at how far you have come in the last few months and if you’re on track to achieve them.

Invest some time into analysing your digital marketing efforts and setting new goals based on your track record up to now. Don’t forget to make them SMART (Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound).

2) Perfect your social media strategy

What do your audience best engage with? Are you taking enough time to perfect your strategy?

Do - Try using a simple scheduling platform such as Hootsuite. In a couple of hours you could create a week’s worth of content - giving you no excuses to slack on your social media.

Don't - Waste your time on posts that don’t engage with your audience. Create interesting, engaging content by looking at posts which reached the most people & those that got the best engagement in the form of likes, comments and shares.

3) Use your website

Make sure you meet your audience’s needs so that there is an increased chance of conversion. If your digital marketing is great but your website is poor - you’ve got some work to do.

Make sure your website links to your social media pages too, so that your audience can engage with your brand. Building relationships with customers is a key goal in any successful digital marketing strategy.

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