Trying to sell on social? This could be the issue

Trying to sell on social? This could be the issue

Most agencies will tell you that there are thousands of potential customers just waiting for you on social media, all there interacting and talking throughout the day and all you need to do is be there. Wrong!

Yes, there are potentially thousands of new customers for you on social media channels but no more than your average city center, football stadium, music festival or even traffic jam. That doesn't mean you should stand in these places shouting about your product just as it doesn't mean go and clog up everyone's feeds with your sales pitch.

If you want to make social media really work for your business then you're going to have to make friends and that takes time.

Unless you're of the size of Coca Cola or Virgin Media with millions to spend on brand awareness, people only really buy from people. On top of that, people only really buy from people they like or people their friends like and social media is no different.

Take Twitter for example, if you're a Twitter user then the chances are you'll be following more people that you will businesses. These people either represent a business with their profile or they are their own business. People like people, they want to hear what people have to say and are more likely to take action from a person.

Putting it another way, how many businesses would you follow if all their content, or in fact the majority of their content was trying to just sell you something? Social feeds are not advertising channels, if you want to advertise then use the social advertising networks.

All too often, through some of the social communities I run, a new person signs up and says "If anyone needs help with their accounting let me know, we're doing a special this month", or something similar. Would you enter a bar, see someone you know with their workmates, walk on over and say this sort of thing? No, of course not, so why do so many people think it's acceptable on social media.

To make social media work from a buisness point of view have conversations, reply to posts, interact with people, reshare content and most of all, put across your expertise. Becoming the goto expert in a group or valued member of a community will do much more for you, your reputation and your business than spouting the latest offer.

Try it, you might even enjoy yourself!


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