Twitter - Make the most of your 280 characters

Twitter - Make the most of your 280 characters

Why are world leaders, big brands and the friend you haven't seen since school all on Twitter?

The platform's immediacy and brevity are just a small reason for its success. Whether you've just set up an account or are looking to revive your brand's Twitter profile, we've collected our top tips for using Twitter to grow your business.

Help Your Audience

Twitter is a great platform for customer service as your followers can ask you questions and express their concerns. However make sure that you respond quickly as according to research Twitter audiences typically expect a response in under 60 mins.

It's all about timing

Your Twitter feed is chronological, and as such most Tweets don't have a very long shelf life. Your audience also won't all be online at the same time, so it's important to tweet at the right time to maximise engagement. Tweeting at least once a day is a must.

Back yourself

It's OK to retweet your own tweets! Be sparing and don't try and get extra life out of a bad pun, but it's a good way to get a bit more attention to key pieces of news, or if an old tweet is suddenly relevant again.

Don't just tweet into the void

Brands often forget that Twitter is a social network, meaning it's not enough just to post out content. Make sure you are engaging with the platform!

Start asking questions, use polls, reply to public conversations, jump on board a trending hashtag. Being involved in the wider Twitter conversation will help you more than just posting content.

Create a branded hashtags

Using hashtags is a great way to keep an eye on conversations about your brand. Don't be spammy though, don't use more than two in any tweet.

Look good, feel great

Using multimedia is a great way to make sure your tweets get more attention. Make sure to at least include an image with every post, or if you're a real overachiever, try using a GIF or a video. These will make sure your audience stop scrolling for long enough to see your content.

If the specifics of social media seems a little overwhelming, don't forget that we're here to help you out. Talk to us at Bigg today for more information.


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