Website Tracking & Using Analytics 101

Website Tracking & Using Analytics 101

You’ve probably been hearing the terms website tracking and analytics for a while now but how much do you really know about them? More importantly, is your business utilising tracking and analytics to make the most out of your digital marketing?

What is website tracking?

Website tracking is the measurement, collection, reporting and analysis of data from your website. It’s a way of measuring if the money you’re putting into advertising is being well spent. Website tracking allows you to see in real-time where traffic to your site is coming from as well as how long they stay on your site and which links they’re clicking on.
It might seem like a daunting prospect but there are plenty of applications available that will track your website and gather the analytics for you. Free analytics tools like Traki simply add one line of code to the footer of your website and can provide all the information you need about your website.

Why should I use website tracking?

Do you ever feel like you’re throwing money into your marketing efforts without being able to see the results? Website traffic can help you optimise your marketing efforts. You’ll be able to find out where visitors are coming from and therefore target weaker areas and maximise stronger ones. Your Twitter could be sending a lot of people to your website while your Facebook is falling short. Perhaps it’s time to invest more into your Facebook presence in order to increase your website traffic. To this end it can also help you improve the quality of your leads! Sometimes you can get lots of visitors to your website but they don’t spend much time on your website or your conversion rate is very low. Through website tracking you’ll be able to gain insight into what search terms people are using to find your website and how many people are visiting your website directly by typing in the URL. With this information you’ll be able to better aim your marketing at your target audience so that you get good quality leads come through to your site, hopefully increasing the average time spent on your website and the conversion rate.

You’ll also be able to discover in-depth analysis of your target audience. For example; what devices are they using to visit your website? Maybe you have more people visiting your website on their phone than you expected and it’s time to optimise your site for mobile!

Website tracking can also help you improve your website. It can tell you which pages have the highest bounce rate helping you to decide which of your sites pages might need more work. Perhaps you’ll choose to consolidate your website into fewer pages so visitors reach your call to action more quickly.

Can you afford to skip website tracking any longer? Get started on traki today completely free! You could be up and running in under 3 minutes!


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