What are the dangers of buying likes?

What are the dangers of buying likes?

When your social media accounts are still young it can be very tempting to buy likes and followers. It's a great way to boost your following and therefore your business really quickly right? No! Read on to discover why paying for followers and likes is a terrible idea!

Where do they come from?

Firstly, you should think about where these likes and followers come from. On Twitter, most bought followers are from fake accounts, they are created by spammers in order to distribute spam links and to be sold as followers. Fake Facebook likes can come from real accounts which have been hacked! Users often have no knowledge they have 'liked a page.' Do you really want your business to be linked to these kind of accounts and activities?

But they'll make it look like I have a lot of followers which is great right?

It's easy to look at social media as a numbers game and want as many followers and likes for your business as possible. However the real value of your social media accounts comes from engagement! Fake followers and likes will not interact or engage with your profiles or posts therefore your engagement and your reach will be very low! Facebook actually uses the engagement your page generates to decide how interesting the content of your posts are and therefore how many of your followers should see them. Therefore having a lot of inactive, non-engaged users will make your page look bad in Facebook’s eyes and your posts will reach a lot less people organically. In addition, if Facebook suspect you have been buying likes and followers they could suspend your account!

Fake followers and likes can actually discourage real followers and your potential customers. If your followers and likes suddenly explode overnight and there is no engagement on your page it will be obvious that you have resorted to buying followers which can damage your business' reputation.

Fake followers and likes will also make it impossible to keep track of your social media metrics. This is an essential part of your social media marketing. If used correctly you’ll be able to determine what content attracts more likes, followers and engagement.

Don't waste your money!

We're going to assume you were considering buying followers because it would increase your business and therefore your profits right? But now you understand it won't attract more business at all you'll see it's a waste of money. If you want to invest your money in your social media you'd be much better running Facebook ads, page promotions and boosted posts! This will increase the reach of your page and posts and will in turn lead to more followers and more engagement.


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