Why buying facebook likes will blow up in your face

Why buying facebook likes will blow up in your face

One of the biggest issues I have with marketing is people buying Facebook likes from the thousands of website out there claiming to send you tons of new likes for $20.

It's not just that these new likes will be fake, guaranteed, but that they completely stop you from actively marketing your business through that channel.

Just so we get it straight, the number of likes you have means nothing. It doesn't mean that more people will see your updates as that's down to Facebook's algorithm and it doesn't mean you'll reach or interact with more people because they are fake. The only possible reason for wanting more likes is vanity, a bit like companies that talk about turnover and not profit, they want to look good on the surface but have no substance.

Anyway, that said here is the biggest reason why you should never buy Facebook likes or for that matter any fake connections across social networks and that's down to reach and advertising.

Social Advertising is one of the fastest growing platforms for marketing a business, not just in placing adverts but in boosting content and getting your message to more people. If you take Facebook's platform as an example, this works by charging you for impressions. Yes you might get back a cost per click amount or even a cost per like number but this is only calculated based on how many people clicked or liked from the money you spent on impressions. One of the best ways to increase the click rate and therefore lower your cost per action is to advertise to people that are connected to the people that already like your page. Now see the problem? If you're spending money to have the advert shown to the people connected to the people that like your page, and these people are fake, so too are the people connected to them.

Congratulations, you spent $20 on 1000 new likes that actually cost almost all your advertising budget and your future advertising budget all for a little bit of vanity.

Getting results from social media is not about connections or likes, it's all about attention and action. having 50 likes that all engage with you is always going to be better than 50,000 likes that do nothing. Stop trying to cheat your way to social success and start working at it properly.


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