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Celebrating Charles Owen’s Christmas Campaign Success

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Can you imagine a Christmas where you see over a 100% increase in conversions and purchases on your website? What about a 170% return on ad spend? Charles Owen didn’t have to, as this is exactly what happened for them over the 2023 Christmas period thanks to our efforts here at Bigg.

Read on to learn more about their marketing success and how we helped to make that happen – it was a jolly Christmas, indeed!

Introducing Charles Owen

Charles Owen’s Christmas Campaign Success: Key performance statistics

Operating in the equestrian industry, Charles Owen is a leading manufacturer, distributor and seller of professional horse riding helmets and accessories.

They are a family run business and every one of their riding hats is handmade in Great Britain by skilled technicians – having been operating for over 100 years, they are leading specialists in what they do and have even received a Royal Warrant of Appointment recognising as such.

Bigg’s Role

Whilst Charles Owen has already established itself as a world-leading manufacturer of premium horse riding hats in Britain, they came to us here at Bigg to further increase their reach to customers on social media through specially curated ad campaigns.

Not only did they require us to help reach a wider audience of potential customers, but they wanted this with the aim to convert these into paying customers, including both through their own website and by redirecting customers from their site to their stockists’ sites.

Our Strategy

For Charles Owen’s campaign, our strategy focused on streamlining paid ads on Facebook and Instagram. This included:

  • Monitoring public comments and reactions to ads to identify the successful ads that audiences responded well to.
  • Using A/B testing (showing different users the same ad in a different format) with multiple audiences on both social platforms to discern the most cost-effective use of budget.
  • Creating a product-focused calendar for ad posts centred around the equestrian calendar, pushing specific products at different times of the year to avoid audiences viewing the same ad multiple times and ensuring the campaign was regularly refreshed.

Proof in the Pudding

Christmas is one of the most competitive times of year for businesses, but for Charles Owen it was undeniably a success thanks to the efforts of our team here at Bigg.

Compared to the same period in 2022, their 2023 Christmas campaign yielded the following results:

  • 170% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS)*
  • 191% increase in purchases
  • 153% increase in conversions (including clicks to find stockists on website, clicks to the Google Shopping link on website, products added to cart and completed purchases)
  • 162% increase in purchase value
  • 143% increase in ad views
  • 54% decrease in cost per conversion

*ROAS is the metric used to measure the amount of revenue earned for every pound spent within an advertising campaign.

What Made the Campaign Successful?

As you can see from the aforementioned statistics, the results of Charles Owens’ Christmas campaign soared as high as Santa’s sleigh, but what did we do that generated such success?

These results are down to:

  • Christmas-related ad copy and creative elements, including the introduction of ‘Gift Guides’.
  • Refining target audiences throughout the campaign and learning from previous ad performances to push successful ad types amongst these audiences.
  • Introducing dynamic catalogue ads using specifically collated sets of Charles Owen products dependent on the copy and audience for each ad; when a user would see an ad, Facebook would select which products to display from each catalogue set based on factors such as the person’s interests, browsing history and behaviours.
  • Pushed higher value items to increase purchase value.

Plans for 2024

Charles Owen’s TikTok page

Upon reflecting on the campaign’s achievements, we’re excited to continue working with Charles Owen throughout 2024.

As well as continuing to monitor and respond to campaign performance and implement proven strategies, we will be undertaking an exciting new venture as part of their ad campaign: branching out to TikTok!

Many businesses are expanding their advertising efforts to address target audiences on TikTok (an increasingly popular social media platform), which we are confident will be a beneficial move for Charles Owen.

As well as providing target audiences with valuable content in video format, this will also act as another platform where we can implement targeted ads and Charles Owen can sell their products through TikTok Shop – all of which are ideal for expanding reach and increasing purchases.

We’re incredibly pleased to see such envious results for Charles Owen’s Christmas campaign and they certainly were, too. Here’s looking to yet another successful year of working together ahead!

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