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Revving Up Success: Our Van Broker Performance Update

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If you’re interested in driving success from your marketing campaign, our performance updates are sure to inspire you this month. We’ve got so much to share, even after VanBroker joined us in just early December! Dive into our Bigg performance update below to learn more about how a results-driven approach to digital marketing can make a difference. 

An Introduction To VanBrokerUK: USPs & Aims

VanBrokerUK is a van dealership based in Somerset, offering new and used vans in a wide range of makes and models. The company has been up and running for years, offering a range of finance options for vans while making things as easy as possible. 

Being in competition with a plethora of other van leasing companies, what sets our client apart? VanBrokerUK holds a range of unique selling points that they wanted to highlight in their campaign: 

  • A free delivery & price promise (if you find a cheaper van, they’ll match or beat the price)
  • A wide product range 
  • Competitive pricing, a selection of finance options and quality assurance

Bigg’s Strategic Impact

One of the key differences in our approach is to really understand the needs of our clients, and help them achieve what they are looking for from their digital marketing campaign. So, that’s exactly what we did. 

We gained a thorough understanding of VanBroker’s needs so that we could implement the best strategies to boost their brand visibility and help drive an increase in sales. The primary focus outlined by VanBroker themselves was to generate more leads and enquiries through the form on their own website. 

Our Unique Approach: A Tailored Campaign For Maximum Results 

Given the campaign’s objectives, our strategy focused on using paid advertising to help VanBroker achieve their goals. Read below to find out how we used Facebook and Google ads to execute this. 


Our Facebook Ad approach included a range of different strategies: 

  • We implemented a strategy that divided our marketing efforts into prospecting and retargeting, tailoring the copy for each segment to maximise engagement.
  • We also tested different ad formats, including images and carousels, to determine which approach was more effective with the audience. 
  • Using A/B testing strategies, we compared lookalike and interest based groups to optimise our strategy. 
  • Our retargeting efforts were also multifaceted, encompassing different objectives such as driving website traffic, promoting on-Facebook calls and forms. This encourages people to move from consideration to conversion at different touch points. 


You can find our Google Ad strategies below: 

  • We diversified the campaign for Google Ads, which included prospecting branded and computer hijacking initiatives.  
  • We also tested various ad formats, such as standard search, performance max and dynamic search, to discover which format aligned the best with our audience. 
  • Using radius targeting strategies, we customised bidding strategies to adapt to the geographic location of users, helping us optimise ad placement and relevance based on their location. 
  • We also implemented tracking for the live chat feature, allowing us to gain comprehensive insights regarding user behaviour and interactions. This allowed us to gain a more holistic idea of a user’s journey on the website, giving us the ability to tailor our campaign accordingly in the future. 

Our Results Speak For Themselves

As we’ve reflected on VanBroker’s first full month with us, January provided us with results that speak for themselves.

With January being the first full month VanBroker has been with us, it’s extremely encouraging to see our campaign generating such a strong lead count, as well as a law cost per click. And we can say with confidence that this should only keep improving as the campaign continues to move forward! 

Bigg: Results Driven Digital Marketing 

Inspired by VanBroker’s initial success? Here at Bigg, we focus on results driven campaigns, with an excellent range of services and campaigns that are tailored to your business. We offer a range of digital marketing solutions, designed to boost your brand and show continuous improvements month after month. 
Are you looking for better results from your digital marketing? If you’re interested in digital marketing approaches that make a difference, get in touch with us today to learn more.

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