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Do you have marketing goals?

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Setting goals is an essential part of creating a successful marketing plan. Think that’s obvious? You might be surprised just how many businesses we talk with understand they need marketing but only because they’ve been told they do or because everyone else is doing it.

Without goals, a marketing plan is like a ship without a compass, wandering aimlessly without a clear direction. Goals provide a roadmap for the marketing plan and serve as a benchmark for measuring its success.

Your blueprint

A marketing plan is a blueprint for how you will reach your target audience and achieve your marketing objectives. It outlines the strategies, tactics, and resources that will be used to achieve specific marketing goals. However, without clear, specific, and measurable goals, it becomes difficult to develop a marketing plan that is effective and successful.


Goals are vital because they give the marketing plan direction and focus. They help to prioritise the activities and allocate resources effectively. Goals also help to define the target audience, which is critical in developing an effective marketing plan. By knowing the target audience, you can develop marketing strategies and tactics that will reach them and engage them effectively.

Measure success

Your goals will also provide a benchmark for measuring the success of the marketing plan. By having specific, measurable goals, you can track its progress and determine if the plan is working or if adjustments need to be made. Without these goals, it becomes extremely difficult to measure the success, making it impossible to know if the plan is working or if changes need to be made to improve it.

Business strategy

Setting out exactly what you want to achieve will also help to ensure that your plan is aligned with the overall business strategy. The marketing plan should support and reinforce the business strategy, and goals help to ensure that this alignment is achieved. This alignment is critical in creating a marketing plan that is effective and sustainable.


It is important to note that goals should be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely. This means they should be clearly defined and measurable, attainable within the given resources and timeframe, relevant to your business, and have a defined timeline for completion.


Setting goals is a critical step in creating a successful marketing plan. Every successful marketing campaign should start with the ultimate goal and work backwards to define the actions required to hit it. This could be sales but sometimes it’s other metrics such as leads, enquiries or even just engagement around your brand but, without knowing the desired outcomes your marketing team will have no direction, no gauge of if they’re doing a good job and have no ability to revise the campaign to deliver what your business needs.

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