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Establishing brand awareness within different markets can really set you apart from competitors. Be it a growing reputation within one particular demographic, or successfully targeting a location-specific audience – identifying relevant groups and honing in on their interests is increasingly important.

Generation Z is one such age demographic worth a second glance at and catering to this uniquely internet-savvy group could be vital for your brand’s success in 2023. A scattergun approach rarely yields genuinely impressive results, so let Bigg take you through the essentials when it comes to engaging this pool of potential customers and clients.

Who Are Generation Z?

Broadly defined, Generation Z (also known as ‘Gen Z’, ‘Zoomers’, or ‘Digital Natives’) includes anyone born between the late 1990s and early 2010s. This ultimately means that an individual within Gen Z will almost certainly be aged anywhere from 13 to 26, likely to have grown up with access to the Internet, and familiar with portable digital technology. This inherent relationship with tech and internet access makes the generation one of the very first to consume viral content, instant messaging and streamable media on a daily basis – with immediate access to information and entertainment at their very fingertips.

As you may imagine, this is both advantageous and problematic in equal measure, giving companies a greater incentive to establish a presence online, but requiring a specific understanding of this demographic’s needs and wants. Members of Generation Z make up a significant portion of buyers in every industry, and will soon become the largest group of consumers on the planet. For these reasons, becoming well-acquainted with hobbies and interests can place you ahead of competitors. Though appearing authentic and transparent in how you appeal to this audience can be the trickiest part, adopting values of equity and purpose in how you advertise will serve you well.

Catered Content 

With so many viral marketing efforts and trends to contend with, creating content which specifically appeals can be challenging to say the least. The key to engaging with this creative online audience is to write or produce genuinely entertaining and interactive content – unlike that which they see when scrolling through competitor sites or socials. Though visual media, short videos, polls, quizzes and competitions have become increasingly popular among Digital Natives, there’s still considerable value to be found from well-written and thoroughly-researched copy.

With strong opinions, significant buying power and unique tastes, Gen Z haven’t shunned traditional blogs and articles altogether, but they certainly won’t be as likely to click on any old block of generic text. Uniquely researched and readable content is the order of the day, highlighting your business as a thought leader and overlapping with the values of the reading public.

Going Social 

Social media and influencer marketing may seem like buzzwords, but they’re certainly here to stay. Gen Z has embraced celebrity culture like no other, with TikTok stars, YouTubers and viral characters able to become household names with considerable pulling power. Endorsements and advertisements from these figures can act as a fantastic way to tap into an alternate audience, especially if the resulting idea is sharable or interactive. 

Influencer marketing can include everything from endorsements and reviews to sponsored posts and short videos, though there are certain products and services which work notably better via an influencer marketing campaign. Clothing, skincare products, fitness supplements, food and drink are perhaps the first categories that come to mind, though with a sprinkle of creativity and know-how, almost any business campaign can benefit from social media exposure and influencer marketing.

Sustainability Goals

It’s difficult to touch upon Gen Z without highlighting the importance of social responsibility and sustainability in purchasing decisions. Research from The University of Pennsylvania suggests that this group cares more about sustainable buying decisions than brand name, meaning that you may become favourable simply by acting in an environmentally responsible manner. Putting on a facade simply won’t work, so highlighting your commitment to eco-friendly action with palpable evidence and an action plan will certainly make a difference. 

Looking to cut down on single-use plastics? Invest in a fleet of electric vehicles? Or hold a charity event for a prominent cause? Press releases and corresponding content related to sustainability can help to pick up steam with a Gen Z audience.

Loyalty And Influence

Unlike many generations before them, Gen Z aren’t as accustomed to simply sticking beside a particular brand for the name alone – constantly looking to push the envelope, discover exciting innovators and support independent brands. In some ways, this makes a dedicated pool of customers and clients hard to nail down, but in another sense, it can garner trust if you continue to develop fascinating new products, services and ideas. 

Superficial gimmicks are a big no-no, whereas personalised benefits, loyalty schemes and opportunities to provide feedback are valued. Another point of significance which separates Gen Z from others is a willingness to research and compare brands or offerings. Online shopping provides hundreds of thousands of options to those who click from page to page, so anything nondescript is unlikely to cut it. 

The Bottom Line

A strong sense of individualism, independence and digital literacy can be used to separate Gen Z from those that have come before, and with an estimated 26% of the global population coming under this category, there’s a growing need to innovate and develop to appease modern sensibilities. By utilising content which is unique, easy to share and actively engaging with important topics, you can very quickly become a leader within your business area. 

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