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The Car Buying Group: Boosting Performance with Paid Ads

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Our efforts here at Bigg provide visible results for many of our clients in the automotive industry, with The Car Buying Group being just one example. We continue to achieve remarkable results for them, generating over 16,000 enquiries and achieving 57% year-on-year growth.

Here’s our story…

Who is The Car Buying Group?

Competing against big names such as We Buy Any Car, Motorway, Carwow and Cazoo, The Car Buying Group is another company fighting for a spot in the world of online second-hand car sales.

The Car Buying Group is a platform where people can sell their cars quickly and easily. It works in three simple steps:

  1. Valuation
  2. Confirmation & Booking
  3. Collection

Priding themselves on offering a committed customer support service, TCBG allows individuals to sell their car the very same day thanks to their efficient and easy to follow process.

With some of their USPs including free, nationwide contactless collection, no extra fees for same day payments and immediate, secure payments upon collection, it’s no wonder that they have over 50,000 customers and counting!

The Car Buying Group key performance results

Our Brief

As the used-car market has grown in demand over recent years, so, too, has the popularity of car buying websites.

With customers looking for quick, easy and convenient ways to sell their cars for a good price, these sites offer a fast valuation and prompt service, with the added benefit that customers don’t have to pay advertising fees for their vehicle.

Statistics show that 57% of all car buyers claim to get at least one online valuation for their current vehicle.

The Car Buying Group approached us here at Bigg back in 2019 to help boost their visibility and growth within this fast-growing online market, so that they see more customers choosing to use their service to sell their car, rather than through their well-known competitors.

In order to help make this happen for The Car Buying Group, we needed to achieve the following goals:

  • Increase the number of leads (in this case, the number of car valuations)
  • Convert leads into actual car sales
  • Expand prospective audiences

The Strategy

In order to achieve the growth they desired, The Car Buying Group has relied on our paid advertising services, which we agreed would be the best channel to focus their strategy on.

Focusing on various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Google Search and Display, we:

  • Launched seasonal ad campaigns and utilised the most engaging ads on social platforms, ensuring ad frequency (the number of times a user sees an ad in a day) stayed low to avoid viewer fatigue.
  • Paused underperforming ads, keywords and ad groups to optimise budget utilisation.
  • Diversified prospecting audiences by including additional interests, such as competitor brands, to extend reach of ads and enhance the number of interactions aka leads (reducing the cost per lead!).
  • Monitored the percentage of time ads didn’t appear due to insufficient budget, allowing us to pinpoint campaigns with high potential to generate sales, directing the bulk of the budget toward these campaigns.

After speaking with The Car Buying Group, there has also been a change in their budget, with them requesting to upscale back in November. Initially, they had a budget of £20,000, but after seeing the proven effectiveness of our efforts, they increased this by 70%, with a goal to generate 15,000 leads in December.

Increasing budgets gradually (10% at the time) has helped the campaigns adjust to the budget change and optimise delivery on a daily basis. Meanwhile, boosting the Social Remarketing budget has helped capture more conversions from the audiences that had already engaged with the ads and been on the website, but hadn’t yet converted.

The Car Buying Group has relied on our paid advertising services

The Results

The Car Buying Group’s campaigns have yielded the following results since December: A performance increase of over 30% on Google and almost 60% on Facebook this month (compared to the same time in December)

Following this strategy, we are extremely pleased to report that The Car Buying Group’s campaigns have yielded the following results since December:

  • 16,366 leads (exceeding the 15,000 goal)
  • A cost per lead of £2.20
  • A performance increase of over 30% on Google and almost 60% on Facebook this month (compared to the same time in December)
  • 1,180,248 impressions

Overall, these results have led to a staggering 57% year-on-year growth for The Car Buying Group.

The Car Buying Group is just as delighted with this success as we are, and we’re looking forward to continuing to work with them and grow their successes further throughout 2024!

The Car Buying Group Social ads

How Can Bigg Help You?

Are your ad campaigns not currently performing as well as you’d like? You can follow in the footsteps of The Car Buying Group’s significant growth with the help of us here at Bigg.

Unlike many other digital marketing agencies, we have designated teams dedicated to various channels of marketing strategy. Our experienced paid ads team is adept at formulating effective and bespoke advertising strategies for clients in various industries.

From the automotive to the e-commerce sector, whatever industry your business operates in, your ad campaigns will see steady progression with more impressions, leads and conversions when you enlist our support.

Let us do what we do best and help you to grow your business. Get in touch today to discuss how we can make your goals a reality.

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