A selection of some of the clients we’ve been working with to help grow their business.
Carzuno logo

Turbo charging

In order to power more city drivers to their website, Singapore based car subscription startup, Carzuno used dynamic social and paid ads to reach people interested in buying or leasing a car. This resulted in huge boosts in subscribers allowing them to expand across to the South East Asia region.

Paid advertising
Carzuno white BMW SUV
The Car Buying Group logo

Fueling leads

Through eye-catching ads combined with compelling copy across Google and Facebook’s advertising platforms, The Car Buying Group’s main goal was to find a new way to generate cost-effective leads. A 440% increase in the number of people registering their car’s details resulted in more car owners selling their car on their website.

Paid advertising
Blue Ford Focus - The Car Buying Group
Carasti logo

Steering organic traffic

UAE based car subscription service, Carasti saw a 45% rise in organic users as a result of a strategic SEO campaign. By enhancing the copy across their website as well as implementing technical SEO, they no longer need to rely on paid advertising as their main customer acquisition channel.

Search optimisation
Grey Fiat 500 Carasti car
Fun Cases logo


With scroll-stopping creatives and engaging copy through Facebook Advertising, Fun Cases drove up their sales for their topical phone cases. Using highly targeted advertising to reach Gen Z’s with an interest in purchasing a pop-culture-themed phone case, Fun Cases boosted their online sales and return on investment.

Paid advertising
3 Fun Cases: 1. Harry Pawter - Harry Potter Cats Phone Case. 2. Kim K Bootay - Kim Kardashian Phone Case. 3. Pop Art Lightning Phone Case
The Natural French Soap Company logo

Des ventes

Natural French soap wanted to target more customers interested in purchasing authentic, handcrafted soaps. Through Facebook and Instagram advertising that used accurately targeted, persuasive messaging and visually appealing ads, more customers were directed to the website, increasing their click-through rate and sales.

Paid advertising
3 Natural French soap bars. Fabrique A Marseille - Fruit de le passion, Verveine, Citron
Metalbird logo


Targeting gift-givers during the holiday season interested in purchasing high-quality, artisan products, Metal Bird saw an increase in the number of online purchases. Through Facebook Advertising that used a combination of static and GIF ads, they were able to see an increase in both the number of clicks and purchases.

Paid advertising
Metalbird Robin, Metalbird Fantail and Metalbird packaging
Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI) logo


Founded within Imperial College London, the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI), wanted to develop an awareness of their charity, which establishes health programmes in sub-Saharan Africa.

Through both social media and Google advertising, wider audiences were educated about parasitic worm infections and more people interested in donating to nonprofits were reached.

Paid advertising
SCI Foundation - school children smiling
Apply to Uni logo

Enrolling the future

Through Google Advertising and SEO, Apply to Uni were able to elevate their website traffic by targeting keyword phrases related to common university queries. Additionally, to reach more students looking for advice for applying to University, social media was used as a platform for engagement where relatable memes were posted alongside educational material.

Search optimisation
Happy University students holding books
Science Council logo

Signing up

Membership organisation for professional bodies within science, Science Council, wanted to gain more registrations. Through LinkedIn Ads, professionals within the science sector were targeted using engaging copy and ad creatives. Google search and display ads also reached potential applicants with industry-specific keywords, achieving a 10.9% click-through rate over 12 months.

Paid advertising
Research scientist using pipette
The Exeter logo

Insure your investment

With clear call to action buttons directing traffic towards getting a quote and making a claim, alongside a well-curated layout, insurance society, The Exeter, benefit from the new design of their Health Insurance website page.

Paid advertising
Brightly coloured Russian dolls in front of a multicoloured elastic band ball
ICS (Industry Consulting Service) logo

Dynamic digital strategies

Through authoritative blog content to position them as trusted advisors in Microsoft ERP, Industry Consulting Services reached more businesses interested in enterprise resource planning. By integrating keywords aligned to the Microsoft Dynamics niche and publishing blogs and company updates on their LinkedIn page, ICS saw an increase in inbound traffic.

Content marketing
Business man on laptop next to computer screens
Snap Fitness logo

Pumping up

Snap Fitness ran a number of pre-launch campaigns for several national gyms. Using strong social and Google Ad campaigns targeting fitness lovers within specific locations, Snap Fitness grew the number of pre-launch sign-ups. With social media management campaigns for each new gym, Snap Fitness were able to engage with and inform their audiences about the new openings.

Paid advertising
Snap Fitness 24/7 trainer with dumbbell
Starks Fitness logo

Making gains

With appealing, fitness-specific Social and Google Ad campaigns, Bristol-based gym and online fitness retailer Starks Fitness were able to drive new users to their website and generate leads for new memberships. Alongside this, offers and products were promoted directly to gym-goers ’ inboxes through an engaging email marketing campaign.

Paid advertising
James Stark owner at Starks Fitness with Kettlebells. Jack Forrester head of online & education with pouches of vegan protein
tripAbrood logo

Family getaways

Online family holiday travel agent, Tripabrood, wanted to reach more young families to increase their holiday bookings for both UK and overseas destinations. Through both Facebook and Instagram Ad campaigns using family-focused, fun creatives and copy that enticed parents of young children to book a holiday, Tripabrood saw an increase in sales.

Social advertising
tripAbrood - 'Get matched to family accommodation' mobile homepage. Girl sat on suitcase dressed as a sailor looking through binoculars
Derbyshire Country Cottages logo

First-class escapes

Aiming to reach more holiday goers looking for unique places to stay in Derbyshire, the holiday home agency Derbyshire Country Cottages ran an SEO campaign to elevate their organic traffic. By optimising their on-site content and implementing well-researched blogs that utilised keyword phrases that UK holiday goers might be searching for, they were able to exceed their goals.

Search optimisation
Derbyshire Country Cottages screenshot and cottage listings
Hooked on Cycling & Walking logo

Cycling to success

By targeting location-specific keywords related to cycling holidays, Hooked on Cycling saw an increase in their organic website traffic, which helped them to rank higher in search results for cycling-related terms. As a result of their campaign, more leads that were interested in booking a cycling holiday across Europe were generated.

Search optimisation
Happy road cyclist holding his red and black road bike
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