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With scroll-stopping creatives and engaging copy through Facebook Advertising, Fun Cases drove up their sales for their topical phone cases. Using highly targeted advertising to reach Gen Z’s with an interest in purchasing a pop-culture-themed phone case, Fun Cases boosted their online sales and return on investment.

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3 Fun Cases: 1. Harry Pawter - Harry Potter Cats Phone Case. 2. Kim K Bootay - Kim Kardashian Phone Case. 3. Pop Art Lightning Phone Case
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Des ventes

Natural French soap wanted to target more customers interested in purchasing authentic, handcrafted soaps. Through Facebook and Instagram advertising that used accurately targeted, persuasive messaging and visually appealing ads, more customers were directed to the website, increasing their click-through rate and sales.

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3 Natural French soap bars. Fabrique A Marseille - Fruit de le passion, Verveine, Citron
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Targeting gift-givers during the holiday season interested in purchasing high-quality, artisan products, Metal Bird saw an increase in the number of online purchases. Through Facebook Advertising that used a combination of static and GIF ads, they were able to see an increase in both the number of clicks and purchases.

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Metalbird Robin, Metalbird Fantail and Metalbird packaging


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These guys know their stuff!

Finding Bigg has made a massive difference to our business and helped to make us one of the country’s largest suppliers of Vans.

Not only did they take the time to understand our goals but they completely got the commercial aspect of our business and what we needed to achieve to continually invest more in our marketing.

Chris Jakeways

The comms have been excellent

Bigg has been outstanding in producing and maintaining our social media ads. They didn’t just hit our target ROAS, they smashed it by a mile. Their customer service and account management are astonishing and they’re always on the ball with actioning ideas and changes quickly. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Michael Broadbridge
Fun Cases

Enthusiasm, energy and dedication

I’m more than happy not only with the quality of their work but also with their customer support. This is an important bit for us as we are no experts in the digital marketing field.

The communication from the team has been excellent, providing us with that extra reassurance that we’ve made the right choice by selecting them as our agency.

Maxim Lyashco

Results since 2019

We have worked with Bigg since 2019, at first with the UK side of our business, however Bigg now partner with us for our US growth market and our new emerging markets

Not only have we seen significant increases in our website traffic and Ad conversions, but the relationship we have built means they are an extension of our in house marketing team.

Western Global
Kirsty McNeil
Western Global
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